Camp Guidelines

General Camp Guidelines

1.) All campers are to remain on the campground at all times.

2.) No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco are allowed on camp property.

3.) Modest clothing must be worn at all times.
– Campers and sponsors can wear modest shorts towards the knee, EXCEPT for worship services.
– Campers should wear pants or modest skirts to evening services.
– Skirts should reach the top of the knees.
– No revealing shirts. For campers and sponsors shoulders, midriff, and cleavage must be covered or another shirt worn underneath.

4.) No radios, cd players, video games, ipods, mp3 players, or other electronic entertainment, gaming, or music devices are allowed. Cell phones will be collected by sponsors and released for use under supervision only.

5.) Prank activities which deface camp property are forbidden.

6.) No fighting, weapons, fireworks or lighters are allowed.

7.) Campers are expected to attend all classes and services.

See the printable forms page for a more comprehensive list of camp rules, and resources to print.


Sponsor’s Responsibilities

1. One Adult Sponsor must be provided for every ten (10)
youth campers (one adult man for every ten or fewer boys,
and one adult woman for every ten or fewer girls)..

2. Sponsors are subject to the same rules and regulations
as are all other campers.

3. Sponsors are responsibile for their young people at all times.
Sit so you can discipline them during worship services.
Encourage your young people to participate in recreational
activities or know their whereabouts. You MUST maintain order
in the dorm at all times.

4. The sponsors are to conduct the evening devotions in the
dormitory or appoint some member in his/her cabin to do so.
Sponsors are to see that lights are out at 10:30. p.m.

5. Sponsors are to advise their young people to not throw rocks
at any time, to throw their trash in the trash containers and to
not throw anything in the creek.

6. Please advise your young people to use the restroom or get
a drink before the services begin so that it will not be necessary
to leave during the service.

7. Advise your young people that the woods and trails are
off-limits except announced hikes with adult supervision.

8. Sponsors are to lead his/her campers by proper example to
attain the highest standard of Christian conduct.

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